3-7 Jun 2013 Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Special Issue of the Journal of Symbolic Computation on the occasion of MEGA 2013

Any researcher interested in the topics of the MEGA conference is
invited to submit a paper for a Special Issue of the Journal of
Symbolic Computation.

All the papers will be refereed according to the JSC standards. The
accepted papers will be put on the free Hal or ArXiv sites and
regrouped there before they are sent to the journal for publication.

The topics are:
effective methods and theoretical and practical complexity issues in
commutative algebra, geometry, real geometry, algebraic number theory,
algebraic geometry, arithmetic geometry and related fields: algebraic
analysis of differential equations, differential geometry, associative
algebras, group theory, algebraic groups and Lie algebras, algebraic
and differential topology, as well as applications in these fields.

The program of the accepted talks of MEGA 2013 can be found at:

More information, including invited talks is available here:

The guiding principles for the publication procedure are as follows:

The introduction of the paper must explicitly address the following
questions in succinct and informal manner:

   Description of the problem.
   Relevance and history of the problem.
   Main contribution in the paper.
   Originality of the result.

All the main definitions, theorems and algorithms should be
illustrated by simple but meaningful examples.

***** The deadline is September 30, 2013 *****

Submission page:


Alicia Dickenstein, Jan Draisma, and Bernard Mourrain are the editors
of this special issue.


How to submit an article

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  2. log in and deposit a pdf file, following the submissions link.
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